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1997-10-24 05:28:15
Bruno Tersago <bruno(_at_)staf(_dot_)planetinternet(_dot_)be> writes:

I'd appreciate if I could see the answer to this question as well..

in response to:

 Alan Jiang <alan(_at_)raw(_dot_)rutgers(_dot_)edu> wrote:
Can somebody tell me how to integrate the mhonarc with majordomo? 
What I need is to instantly update the mhonarc mail archive whenever a
message is sent to the mailing list. 

# Here's the incoming alias, I'm dumping to it out of resend, or whatever.
# Might as well shove things out to digestify and archive at the same time, 
# if applicable.

list-name-incoming: list-name-mhonarc, list-name-digestify, list-name-archive

# The MHonArc invocation, note the -add, and that the -outdir is
# NOT followed by any other arguments.
# this should be on a single line in your aliases file, the trailing 
# \ denotes continuation.
# I'm able to use a single resource file for all my MHonArc archives, 
# amazing . . .

list-name-mhonarc: "|/path/to/mhonarc -add                                   \
-rcfile /path/to/htdocs/archives/.rcfile -title \"List Name Archives\"      \
-outdir /path/to/htdocs/archives/list-name"                                     

# # #

 -- pb

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