Re: Multipage

1997-10-27 16:03:53
I've installed the last version of Mhonarc and configured the rcfile to
use multipage. For each page in the main menu I'wrote the number of
messages ($NUMOFMSG$), but by adding single messages not all the main
pages are regenerated and therefore I got inconsistences in different 
main pages. I presume (I did not test it) that the same could be going
on with $NUMOFPAGES$. 

The problem is mhonarc only tries to update index pages that
are necessary to avoid extra work.  This way for large archives,
time is not wasted regenerating all the index pages.  Unfortunately,
there are cases where mhonarc should regenerate all pages due
to the use of certain resource variables.  MHonArc does force
a reupdate of all index pages if a new page is added.  But if
no new page is added during an update, only pages that are affected
by the addition of new pages will be updated.

On the other hand I'm using the sort option and some mails are not
lexicographically sorted. I know, mhonarc is thought to sort mails using 
another criteria, but it would be nice to have an attribute in the sort 
option, like <SORT lexicographic> in order to get really the mails

I do not know what you mean by "lexicographically" since you have not
mentioned what your lexical key is, but I would guess you mean by
subject.  MHonArc has various sorting options: date, subject, author,
message number.  The resource relating to these options are:

        SORT     => Sort by date
        SUBSORT  => Sort by subject
        AUTHSORT => Sort by author

To do message number sorting, specify NOSORT.


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