mgtmp problem or going from mbox to mhonarc

1997-10-30 11:07:24
Its seems an odd problem popped up that I hadnt noticed. One of the users
on our system has been using mhonarc to archive his majordomo messages.
Its done through a dummy account with an elm filter rule set:

if (sender = 'owner-global-techno(_at_)hardcorps(_dot_)org') then executec 
"/usr/local/bin/ mhonarc -add -outdir 

Which was working for a while. He didnt pay attention for a few months and now
in his home dir are hundreds of msgtmp.546 type files. They seems to be the
html-ized files all right, but since they're not actually named html they're
almost useless. Is there a way to get mhonarc to fix these?? 

Or if thats too difficult, can I take the mbox of that dummy account, which
has all the messages stored, and go in and run that mbox through mhonarc
to recreate the directory and archives??

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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