Using a "quiz maker" with cgiemail

1997-11-03 16:02:41
Perhaps SOMEBODY can give me an idea of what I'm doing.
I have written a site which incorporates an exam which posts to an email
(The student answsered [answer1] the correct answer is:   This works
Here's the problem. I need to MAKE an html page which the instuctor can
post revised questions [question1] to a specific (al ready made) quiz
page, AND will also post to the email.txt with the: The question was:
[question1]The students answer was: [answer1]
I know the answer is sitting right under my nose, but I don't see it.
I am currently running cgiemail 1.3
Any ideas?? Anybody?? Can MHonArch get me thru this?
Edie Guild

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