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1997-11-12 11:08:05
Here is a message I received privately about providing search
capabilities for mhonarc archives.  I figure the mhonarc users
that have set search engines for their archives can provide
better assistance than I can.

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Hello! Your MHonArc software is quite impressive. I use it to archive my
Pilot PDA mailing list at But I would like to make
the archive searchable. I've tried WebGlimpse several times on my RedHat
4.2 machine and it never works out right. The installation routine is
rather complicated and the instructions are not always that clear. I have
written my own web interface cgi which uses the results of agrep but it's
not nearly as nice. Can you recommend any other ways to make the mail
archives searchable? I probably have 100M of mail online so something
relatively cpu efficient would be a good thing.

Tracy Reed

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