Re: MHonArc

1997-11-12 12:40:32
Tracy Reed wrote:
Hello! Your MHonArc software is quite impressive. I use it to archive my
Pilot PDA mailing list at But I would like to make
the archive searchable. I've tried WebGlimpse several times on my RedHat
4.2 machine and it never works out right.

What problems have you experienced with WebGlimpse, in particular?
Are you using the WebGlimpse 1.2 Release Candidate? With the "current
release" version (1.1b1), there are quite a few bugs (which I had to work
around to get things going).  There is another release due out -very-
soon (as soon as the release candidate meets the authors' approval) which
should be _much_ cleaner than 1.1b1.

That said, I'm using WebGlimpse 1.1b1 to index a large MHonarc mailing
list archive, and it's doing the trick beautifully.  Ah, the power of Perl
:-)  Granted, this is on a Solaris 2.5.1 machine, rather than RedHat Linux.
And, I have stayed away from adding search boxes to indexed pages;
both because I find it unattractive, and because I didn't want to take the
chance of the archives being munged.  The main search page works well
enough for me.

... for more information on the new release coming up.

Can you recommend any other ways to make the mail archives
searchable? I probably have 100M of mail online so something
relatively cpu efficient would be a good thing.

I looked quite hard myself, and I've not found a free search engine
nearly as configurable/powerful as WebGlimpse; at least, none
that were intended for use with web pages.

Since WebGlimpse is easy to cron for index updates, it has a very
low hit on the system compared to much of the free search engine
competition. Previous to using  WebGlimpse, my machine would slow
to a crawl  when a search was executed, and the search took a long
time; now searches are extremely fast & aren't cpu/disk hogs.

If you would like some help getting WebGlimpse in place, drop me
a note.


Nick Silberstein   | Technical Team
TPD Publishing     | Seattle, WA, USA
206.284.1800 x 206 |

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