1997-11-13 04:30:23
hi all

excuse me if this question has been answered over and over, but i checked
the archive and the faq and did not find an answer that helped me much.
I don't know much about programming or unix, so please bear with me...

Usual problem: I receive in my mbox a mailing list that i want to archive
with mhonarc.  i want to automate the task, so if i understand well, i
could setup a .forward file to forward the mail to mhonarc and it will do
the job (as explained in the faq).  to problem is that i receive mail form
other sources on that account that i don't want to be archived. so i need
some kind of filter.  I do not have the possibility of creating a new
account for archival purposes.

is it possible to set up a filter in the .forward file so that only the
mailing list is forwarded to be archived?  if yes, what's the code to do
it? :^)  (ok, this is more a sendmail question than a mhonarc question, but
i figure you might help...).  Or maybe it is possible to write a perl
filter towards which the .forward would point before letting mhonarc do its
job, like described in the faq.  if yes, what would be the code? :^) (not
being lazy, but willing to learn!).

Oh, yes, if this is anything to do with the problem, i read mail
exclusively thru pop, and seldom log into my unix account.

thanks for your help (feeling dumb)

Denis Dubuisson

ps: btw, i was really pleased to see the ease of setup and use of the program.
pps: unrelatedly, if you setup a resource file with layout options, do you
have to specify all the ressources in the file or does mhonarc use the
default ressources for the ones that you don't want to change and don't
specify in the file?

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