Re: Mhonarc:automation?

1997-11-13 08:53:05
On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Denis Dubuisson wrote:

hi all

is it possible to set up a filter in the .forward file so that only the
mailing list is forwarded to be archived?  if yes, what's the code to do
it? :^)  (ok, this is more a sendmail question than a mhonarc question, but
i figure you might help...).  Or maybe it is possible to write a perl
filter towards which the .forward would point before letting mhonarc do its
job, like described in the faq.  if yes, what would be the code? :^) (not
being lazy, but willing to learn!).

I use procmail for this.  It's written in perl, and it's quite powerful.
I filter about 10 different lists into mhonarc archives using procmail to
stuff the incoming lists into separate folders, and a cron job to process
the folders into the archives several times a day.  It's possible to have
procmail actually invoke mhonarc directly, but I found the performance hit
on my linux box to be too annoying and moved that to cron instead.

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