Re: LYNX-DEV Re: MHonArc and VMS (fwd)

1997-11-14 08:30:56
Al Gilman <asgilman(_at_)access(_dot_)digex(_dot_)net> wrote:
Pardon the junk mail, but lynx-dev archive runs on MHonArc and
there are VMS wizards on this list who might know where Earl
should go to find volunteers.

        Are you sure anything is needed beyond the VMS port of perl:

        Linkname: perl5 directory

At least, people seem to be using MHonArc on VMS without any indication
of problems:

From: "Walter F.J. Mueller" <mueller(_at_)axp602(_dot_)gsi(_dot_)de>
Subject: Yet another interface to the vms-web-daemon archives
To: VMS-WEB-daemon(_at_)Kjsl(_dot_)COM

I've lately installed on our VMS Cluster MHonArc, probably one of the best
and most configurable Email-to-HTML converter on the market. To give it a
realistic test for evaluation I copied all the available archives of the
vms-web-daemon mailing list and converted it.

So, to have yet another view of this archive look at

I found the "Thread view" and thread navigation particular useful. I'm also
evaluating various search engines, so there will be full text search sometime

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