1997-11-24 15:53:11
I really like the way mhonarc intelligently processes the MIME encoded
messages. Is there an option or a method to also process uuencoded
enclosures in the same way?

I sometimes have users uploading several uuencoded files in a message
and although I guess I could do some intermediate shell processing
with converting from uuencode to binary and back to MIME, I'd like to
save myself some work if someone has done a like operation before.

Currently mhonarc converts the MIME to binary correctly, but uuencoded
messages remain uuencoded stream in the mhonarc messages.

Thanks for any help.
CW3 Robert Miletich          
DSN 656-4246 COM (703) 806-4246 FAX (703) 806-4249           
HQ, ISSC (TSO), Ft Belvoir VA 22060

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