Examples, otherindexes and a question

1997-12-02 11:53:39
Hi all!

One of the requests that I often see come across the list is for 
people to provide examples of the resource files that are used to
create a mailing list archive.

Another is about how to use the otherindexes resource.

I maintain an archive for the EtherBun mailing list (devoted to the
rabbit as companion animal).

I have set up a page with links to the archive itself *and* the
various resource files used to create it.  Check out:

I also wrote a short cgi-program to use in place of the $LASTPG$
resource.  Since I use multi-page indices, I found that *all* of
the index pages were rewritten (to update the last page link) 
whenever a new index page was added to the collection.

This created enough of a burden on the machine that my sys-admin
mentioned it to me.  My will auto-magically redirect
the browser to the last page of any particular index set.

Now for my question.....

When inserting index entries, I can understand why any number of
pages in a multi-page index might have to be rewritten.  

Why is it that all of the the index pages created by the otherindexes 
resource file (in my case the author index) get re-written *every*
time a message is added?  Is this a "bug" or a "feature?"

In any event, many thanks to the many people who share their
expertise on this list.....  I've learned so much from my lurkage

Drop by my pages if you like and let me know what you think.


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