1997-12-11 15:43:04

        I have set up Eric Friedman's marc-search search engine to run
against a MHonArc archive. I would like to put a link for the search engine
in the maillist.html file. 

        Do I understand it correctly that I need to modify the IDXPGBEGIN
variable so that this modification is always merged into the mailist.html
file when it is (re)created?

        If this is the case, I am unable to understand from the
documentation how to go about doing this. I see from the documentation that
there is no command line option (no big surprise here), so that would mean
there is a configuration file to modify. Is the the .marc-search.cfg file?


Christopher J. Wargaski
RMS Business Systems
(847) 215-1661, ext. 223

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