Re: MHonArc customization question: archive name (fwd)

1997-12-11 16:35:21
If I am creating an archive
    /path/to/this_archive/maillist.html     (and associated files)
I would like to be able to extract the name "this_archive" to put in the
<TITLE> of the date and thread indexes.
Do you have some variable to make it easy to do this?  Is it possible to
do this?

Nope.  There are 2 approaches you can try:

    1.        Modify MHonArc source.

    2.        Write a front end to do it for you.  I.e.  You can right a
      simple front end that extracts archive path argument to get
      the title, and then invoke mhonarc with the proper options.

        Can't you change the title via the command line? eg. 
/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -title "The title" -outdir /docs/archive -add /stuff


Christopher J. Wargaski

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