Re: MHonArc customization question: archive name (fwd)

1997-12-11 17:00:35
    2.      Write a front end to do it for you.  I.e.  You can right a
    simple front end that extracts archive path argument to get
    the title, and then invoke mhonarc with the proper options.

      Can't you change the title via the command line? eg. 
/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -title "The title" -outdir /docs/archive -add /stuff

This what the front end does.  The goal is to have the title
automatically determined by the archive pathname so the title resources
do not have to be explicitly set on the command line every time.
All the front end does is parse the archive pathname, and then add
-title and -ttitle options to @ARGV before requiring mhonarc.


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