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1997-12-12 02:42:09
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Most list subscritors do not imagine that you can find there mail and
email using altavista/yahoo. There are extremly surpriced descovering it.

It depends whether or not the mailing list is private. 

France as a law to protect person againg «big brother», this law is called
«loi informatique et liberté». The purpose is to disallow database with
racial, political, sexual, ... naming informations. When you have naming files,
you must inform person about it. This law is very important even if it's
difficult to apply it in Internet context.

I guess this law had been designed to protect individual privacy and more
specifically to restrict access to "sensible" private information as 
tax bills, medical records, legal issues and so on.

I can't imagine that an email address is a "sensible" information. List
managers have the option to give subscribers the opportunity to have or
not their mails archived (using flags within mail headers).

The real issue is about access to knowledge. Depending on the list subject,
it could be a great help for people to use search engine to find out
valuable information within mailing list archives.

I'm currently managing a mailing list about the use of Cognitive
Psychotherapy for addiction recovery and I know that a lot of 
professionnals, worldwide, had used information from the archives
within their practice. That's why such a software as MHonArc has
a so high value.

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