Re: AltaVista removes archive sites

1997-12-12 03:59:51
Most list subscritors do not imagine that you can find there mail and
email using altavista/yahoo. There are extremly surprised descovering it.

It depends whether or not the mailing list is private.
Anyhow, private or public it seem's to me that it's not a good think to
leave robots like public altavista or yahoo indexing mailling list archive.

-1- If a pan-internet robot index mailling lists, the search you can have
    with it may have a lot of inappropriate answers.

-2- Someone may trace my activity on the net looking for a set of information
    where each one isn't very important but when joind together...

It much more beter to provide a archive spécific search engine like
the nice marc-Searh contrib where you can look at mails across différent
mailling list but just list by list.

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