Re: AltaVista removes archive sites

1997-12-11 08:15:21
to follow up on what Aumont - Comite Reseaux des Universites said:

Most list subscritors do not imagine that you can find there
mail and email using altavista/yahoo. There are extremly
surpriced descovering it.

France as a law to protect person againg _big brother_, this
law is called _loi informatique et libert__. The purpose is to
disallow database with racial, political, sexual, ... naming
informations. When you have naming files, you must inform
person about it. This law is very important even if it's
difficult to apply it in Internet context.

[Sorry for the ASCII-ized quote.  Some day I will train my
mail reader to preserve i18n.]

The French law may prove a good point of reference for advisals
of list procedures that are given to new subscribers.  But I
think that there are plenty of lists where a fully public and
indexable archive of list messages is appropriate and the
subscriber advisals should be implemented to match.

-- Al

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