Re: AltaVista removes archive sites

1997-12-10 02:31:30
At 09:52 08/12/1997 -0500, Michelle Murrain wrote:

Hopefully as well, the main page of your archive is still present in the
searches. Then, people could still browse (and search?) your archive. (I've
been meaning to implement a search engine on mine for a while now).

In my case, the whole site had been removed, server root included.

I think mailling list archive should never be indexed by public robots.
The META NAME="ROBOTS"..NOINDEXE NOFOLLOW  should be in the default
ressource of any html document made with mhonarc. So you should not
be removed from robots that respect robots exclusion standard.

Thanks for the wpoison URL. It's nice tool to prevent agressive index and
spam like this one who explicitly say that my adress wass catch in a web

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