Re: trouble with dos under Win95

1997-12-15 12:07:26
At 09:39 AM 12/15/97 -0800, FRoss-Perry wrote:

I'm trying to use MHonArc 2.1 under Win95's DOS shell with PERL and getting "out of memory".  My DOS window properties for 
memory are all set to "automatic".  Ideas?

MHonArc, originating under Unix, keeps a lot of data in memory so it rarely
will be able to do anything using only DOS (below 640K) memory.  You may
have an old port of Perl (Len Reed's?) that does not use extended (XMS or
Windows-managed) memory.  A different port of Perl will help.

I sugest that you install NTPerl 5.  Works fine with Windows 95.  

Avail via CPAN sites:

Once you pick a FTP archive site near you, navigate to the directory:


and read


to see which file you should download.

-- good luck, SP

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