Using mhonarc to archive an 'alias' based mailing list in multiuser environment

1997-12-16 05:04:49
Has anyone done this ?

I am trying to do this with an alias setting ( _not_ a .forward as in
the examples given)

 foo:   "| /usr/local/bin/mhonarc -outdir /proj0/mail-archive/foo.webdir
-add -title foo -h
eader /proj0/mail-archive/foo.hdr -umask 0"

Well, it work as long as there is only one user.

The root of the problem I face is (extraneous to the scope of mhonarc)
that my sendmail tries to run the filter as the end-user, not as
daemon/system.  Also, my system is pretty picky about running setuids so
I temporarily abandoned the approach of making mhonarc run as a setuid

Instead, I tried to use the -umask 0 on the mhonarc command line.

I get nasty messages from mhonarc saying:

"Can't create blahblah../msg00005.html" or some such.  When I peek,
there's already such a file belonging to another user and the mode is
rwx-r--r-- . No wonder.

 I haven't subscribed to the list, so kindly copy me in your response.
Thanks in advance.


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