Re: Using mhonarc to archive an 'alias' based mailing list in multiuser environment

1997-12-19 01:51:45
I have found that this approach works very well on my Solaris 2.6
The only problem I had with this approach, is on a list with a lot of
messages in a short time, you can have problems with the lock file. The
bigger the list gets, the longer it takes to add a single message to the
list. So you could start getting bounced messages with errors like

ERROR: Unable to create /var/log/mail-arc/mail_admin/.mhonarc.lck after
10 tries
I confirm Bill Stoltz approch. I have run MhOnarc on alias based envirronement
using linux and SunOs. The solution I found to resolve this problem is
to use aliases just to store incooming mail in a spool and a daemon to
pick each mail and call MhOnarc. As the daemon run mail by mail this solution
also way to limit cpu and memory usage at the same time (we do archive
400 mails per days).
Serge Aumont

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