Re: Email address harversters?

1998-01-07 06:50:28
This is a further query about a thread that I saw in the archives
from the begining of December 1997.

I would like to display the messages so that the email headers would
be something like

<li><strong>From</strong>: $FROMNAME$
<li><strong>To</strong>: $TONAMES$
<li><strong>Cc</strong>: $CCNAME$

Now, there is no $TONAMES$ or $CCNAMES$ variables.  Also, they would
have to contain comma separated names.

The idea is to not include email addresses in the message pages unless
they appear in the body of the message.  ( does
something like that.)

The point being as to not be a site where many email addresses are

Basically this is just a wish-list item.  I don't wish it strongly enough
to modify the code myself.


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 Cranfield Computer Centre      FAX         751 814
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