Monarc just went funny, HELP!!!!

1998-01-12 11:34:06
I've been running mhonarc version 1.2.3 for 1 yeard now, it running on a
Red Hat Linux X86 platform. About a month ago something weird started
happening. The footer line in the index file ("Mail converted by MhonArc
1.2.3") began repeating it self with each new message. At first I
figured that it was just an hiccup, I edited the html file and fixed it.
Then after a few messages there were multiple footers, again I edited
the html and just removed all the footers. New they are back . I looked
at the perl code and it looks like there is some type of compare to find
the last line of the file (minus the footer) and tack on the footer.
I think this compare is failing, any idears.

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