Re: MHonarc problems

1998-01-12 09:11:54
Actually, I'm archiving in realtime and batch becomes a bit messy.  I'll up t
number of LOCKTRIES and LOCKDELAY.  

I think batch updates are not messy.  I believe several users have
set up methods to do this.

Another interesting item. The same archive exhibiting the locking issue has 
1170+ mail entries, but the maillist.html file is 53MB+!!!!  In contrast, the
threads files is only 162K.  I can't seem to account for the file being so 
large.  Ideas?

maillist.html could be corrupted.  You should look at the raw contents
to find out.  You can always delete the file, and run -editidx to
see what is created from scratch.


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