Re: MHonarc problems

1998-01-12 19:46:18
On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:28:21 -0600 david d `zoo' zuhn 
<zoo(_at_)armadillo(_dot_)com> wrote:

After switching from real-time to batch updates I found many fewer
problems with corrupt indices and bogus lock files.  Since there aren't
any locks in contention, things work much better.  

So, do you just dump messages to a spool directory in realtime and then run 
mhonarc over that spool periodically?

Got any contrib code?

I also reduced the span of a particular volume to try and keep the index
size less than 1000 messages, to make life easier on my modem-based
users (which is most of my population).

Hmm, how do you archive over large periods of time?

Between these two measures, I haven't had a MHonArc related problem in
about 11 months (knock on electrons).


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