Re: MHonarc problems

1998-01-12 19:59:06
After switching from real-time to batch updates I found many fewer
problems with corrupt indices and bogus lock files.  Since there aren't
any locks in contention, things work much better.

So, do you just dump messages to a spool directory in realtime and then run
mhonarc over that spool periodically?
Hmm, how do you archive over large periods of time?

I use procmail to copy the messages to a separate folder (constant name,

Then once an hour (via cron) I run a script
( which processes the mail
with MHonArc, and then saves the file:

Once a day I run another script
( which cleans up and
combines all of these hourly message groups.  

Finally, once a month the last script
( creates the current
monthly archive (again, with a constant name of ~/www/LDsig/current/)
and life progresses automatically.

A top level page ( remains
constant, since I haven't bothered to write a script to keep the date
current (the month and year buttons should be kept up to date, but I do
this whenever I remember to think about it, which is about every other
month).  Maybe I'll write this with some JavaScript or some such.

Things to keep in mind.  Scripts like to deal with constant names, so I
make good use of symlinks.  Second, date(1) has some powerful
capabilities to create a useful string.  And running like this means
that I don't have to worry about locks.

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