unrecognized message beginning

1998-01-13 08:27:55
Sorry if the question has been already answered, but I checked the FAQ
and I didn't find anything.
I use Mhonarc v2.1 on HP-UX. For some unknown reason the format of the
date of the received messages changed (in the From line) from e.g.

Thu Jan  8 15:30:18 1998


Thu Jan  8 15:30:18 MET 1998

the consequence is that all the mails with the new format are glued
with the message with the last 'good' (i.e. without MET) date.

Thank you

Roberto Cecchini -- INFN / Dip. di Fisica                   Tel: +39 55 2307696
                    L. E. Fermi 2, I50125 Firenze   

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