Re: HELP!!! Multiple footers

1998-01-14 18:57:15
I posted this question to the mailling list but got no response.

I'm using mhonarc to archive a majordomo list, it worked great for a
year, now I'm getting multiple footers in the index.

I upgraded from 1.2.3. to 2.1.0 still the same things happens.

Here is the command to archive:
fedlarc: "|mhonarc -add -idxfname index.html -outdir
/usr/local/HTML/customers/fpmi/archives/fed-lr-er -thread -tidxfname
index2.html -title \"Fed-lr-er Archives\" -quiet"

Check if the comments 

This delimits the footer text, and if one or all are missing,
it could cause problems.

Tried deleting the maillist.html file and recreate thru the
-editidx optionn.


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