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1998-01-15 04:14:09

Most of you probably received the a spam from 
It has been distributed via MhOnarc list, as the header show it :

Return-path: <owner-mhonarc(_at_)xray(_dot_)mpe(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de>
Received: from 8jQdMNSIS ( [])
        by (8.8.5/8.8.5/MX-mnd) with SMTP id DAA16417;
        Thu, 15 Jan 1998 03:48:20 -0500
Message-id: <mcSKHTEgLwIUm3W9>
Sender: owner-mhonarc(_at_)rosat(_dot_)mpe-garching(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de
Precedence: bulk
List-name: mhonarc
From: Vb9UjF3i7(_at_)1nashvill(_dot_)com
Date: 14 Jan 98 3:56:16 AM
To: product112(_at_)telltheworld(_dot_)com
Subject: Check this out!

The mail explain how to catch email using a robot :

Addresses are extracted daily by six of our computers,
which run 24 hours a day 7 days a week, scanning the net
for new addresses.  Estimated 60-80,000 addresses extracted 
daily.  They are fresh!  Over 40 million addresses on file.

Those of you who do not protect email archive make us victim of
SPAM. That's wy I suggest to include ROBOT META by default in
all html document producted by Mhonarc, and I advise anybody to
install webpoison to make such method as difficult as possible.

Serge Aumont

Serge Aumont      CRU  campus Beaulieu             Tel : 02 99 84 71 47
                  35042 Rennes Cedex               fax : 02 99 84 71 67

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