Re: address collecting robots

1998-01-15 09:01:15
On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Aumont - Comite Reseaux des Universites wrote:

Most of you probably received the a spam from 
It has been distributed via MhOnarc list, as the header show it :

Yeah, I did, and I hate it.

Those of you who do not protect email archive make us victim of
SPAM. That's wy I suggest to include ROBOT META by default in
all html document producted by Mhonarc,

While I agree with you that it is a great problem that e-mail addresses
are collected this way, I doubt this is the solution. First, I doubt these
robots (of all) look for the robots meta-tag. Secondly, it is a bit
important to me that my archives are indexed by robots, they play a role
in getting out the points we want to get across to the public. 

and I advise anybody to
install webpoison to make such method as difficult as possible.

What's webpoison? Have you got an URL?

Friendly Tiddely-pom,

Kjetil Kjernsmo
Graduate astronomy-student                       University of Oslo, Norway
President, Norwegian Association of Physics Students   

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