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1998-01-15 08:38:33
"Kjetil" == Kjetil Kjernsmo 
<kjetil(_dot_)kjernsmo(_at_)astro(_dot_)uio(_dot_)no> writes:

  Kjetil> I subscribed the list with the sole purpose of discussing this subject
  Kjetil> some time ago, but haven't got about to start. I know this subject has
  Kjetil> been discussed before, but I wasn't quite satisfied.

  Kjetil> I currently use hypermail for archiving two lists only because I like 
  Kjetil> little formatting hypermail does. In most cases, 95%, just adding the
  Kjetil> italic font and because the rest of the stuff is in proportionally
  Kjetil> spaced font makes the text far easier to read, IMHO.

I have also used HyperMail (and in fact still do for one list) but moved
to MHonArc becasue it gives me more flexibility.  The problem I found
with HyperMail is that it either formatted everything or nothing. 

Several of the lists I manage distribute code samples.  The problem I
encountered is how to maintain the formatting of the code but also
nicely output the text.  Has any package ( addressed this

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