Re: Where are the configuration files?

1998-01-16 04:51:28
On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Erick Thompson wrote:

      This is a fairly basic question, but I've been working on it for a while
now. I'm getting an understanding of what MHonArc does, but I've having
some problems. The first, and largest problem is: I don't know where the
default templates are.

I had a very similar problem, until I figured out how MHonArc does things.

There is no default configuration file as a separate file.  It is in
the code some place (some is in, and the defaults for each
"resource" is described in the manuaul page for that resource.

So, you can lift the statement from the default and put it into your
own resource file, say "myrcfile", and then you run MHonArc like

  mhonarc -editidx -rcfile myrcfile -outdir /your/directory/archive

The -editidx option tells mhonarc to edit your index files.  Once
you have done this, the information about the resources is actually
stored in the HTML of the index files, so you do not need to use the
-rcfile option again until you change the resources.


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