Re: mhonarc in Apache?

1998-01-17 13:55:30
At 12:04 PM 1/16/98 -0500, Terence Pua wrote:
Is there anyway to "embed" mhonarc in Apache Web server?

If one is using a cgi script to call mhonarc via the system () function,
it slows processing down.  Thus, if embedded, mhonarc will run in memory
and will not need to be called and "compiled" during run time.

Is there a faster implementation using cgi scripts?

I'm not sure if MHonArc has ever been benchmarked in detail, but I'd bet
that much more of the "overhead" of a MhonArc startup is in launching the
Perl interpreter than in Perl doing its compile.  Perl is quite fast at
compiling source code to its interpreted pseudocode.

It's possible to embed the Perl interpreter in the Apache server:

-- SP

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