Re: mhonarc in Apache?

1998-01-16 11:45:14
How would that work?  MHonArc isn't a cgi script, so you'd need a CGI
script wrapper that would call it for you.  Calling a program in this
way involves forking a child process, and mod-perl doesn't cache
forked scripts.  Consequently, all you'd be doing is caching your
wrapper script, which wouldn't be of much use to you, I guess.

Now if Earl were to rewrite most of mhonarc as MIME::HTML, so that one
could write simple scripts that create MIME::HTML objects, pass them
MIME messages, and request HTML output, you could cache that module,
but that's a pretty tall order.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be a great
thing though :-).


: Is there anyway to "embed" mhonarc in Apache Web server?
: If one is using a cgi script to call mhonarc via the system () function,
: it slows processing down.  Thus, if embedded, mhonarc will run in memory
: and will not need to be called and "compiled" during run time.
: Is there a faster implementation using cgi scripts?
: Please help.
: Terence Pua
Eric D. Friedman

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