Re: message body formatting

1998-01-16 11:09:00
Bernard Frit writes:
A few month ago I've been trying to do some improvement within txt2html
code to handle quotes and embedded quotations, things like :

you wrote :
he wrote :
Linux Hacker> they wrote

As I'm not a perl hacker after some hours of unsatisfactory results
I gave up ;-(

But I will be no more than happy if someone else would get the job
done. I guess it's a bit messy to handle a wide enough range of cases.

I worked on something similar for HyperNews a couple years ago.  When
writing messages via the web, there is a Smart Text mode that tries to
do the right thing, and it even works reasonably well for most email-quoted
text.  Briefly, the rules are as follows: Paragraphs are first
determined by looking for blank lines.  If a paragraph contains any
leading whitespace, the whole thing is PRE formatted.  Otherwise, within
each paragraph, all adjacent lines that start with the same prefix (such
as quoted text) are broken out into their own PRE formatted paragraph.
I also had a rule about any line starting with what looked like a mail
header, but that caused too much confusion by users so I removed it.  If
you want to experiment with this, visit the test forum at:

Daniel LaLiberte
 dlaliberte(_at_)gte(_dot_)com  (was: liberte(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu)

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