Re: How to make messages translated regardless of similar message-ids

1998-01-19 10:21:59
At 03:28 PM 1/19/98 -0000, Basilius Wibowo wrote:
Thanks for the reply of message sent by Terence Pua : <>Mhonarc doesn't translate similar messages . Is there any part of the program that we can modify so that messages with similar message-id can be individually translated? We need to do this since we want the mhonarc translation correspond exactly the messages arriving to user's Inbox, even if several messages proved to be the same.

>From examining MHonArc's Perl code, this could be accomplished without too much work. If you are game, refer to how the read_mail_header sub in the main MHonArc file rejects duplicates.

I'd approach this by substituting a new, unique MesssageID when read_mail_header detects a duplicate. The instances with fake ID's can't be in the middle of any threads, but that's okay since the first instance with the true ID is also in the database.

A more general approach to duplicates would also have to handle deletion. If the first instance is deleted, all duplicates should also be deleted. If any other instance is deleted, no others are affected.

I assume that this "inbox mirroring" application generates a whole new archive each it's run, rather than keeping a parallel archive by adding new messages and deleting ones that are no longer in the mirrored inbox. If this assumption is correct, there is no problem with duplicates if the original is no longer in the mirrored inbox. If the mirror is managed by adding and deleting, then deletion code would also have to be changed or else the duplicates would accumulate.

-- SP

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