Re: How to make messages translated regardless of similar message-ids

1998-01-19 10:47:59
Thanks for the reply of message sent by Terence Pua : Mhonarc doesn't
translate similar messages . Is there any part of the program that we
can modify so that messages with similar message-id can be
individually translated? We need to do this since we want the mhonarc
translation correspond exactly the messages arriving to user's Inbox,
even if several messages proved to be the same.

What is generating the messages with the same Message-ID?  That's a
violation of the Internet message standards.  If this is internal
software that's generating the ID's, fix your internal software.  If
it's external, maybe you could use something like procmail to search for
duplicate message ID's and replace the subsequent ID's with something
that is unique?  

You shouldn't be getting duplicate ID's, and it's probably easier to fix
the source of the duplicates than to "fix" all of the other packages to
accept the possibility of duplicates.

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