How duplicate messages occur

1998-01-19 11:49:12
Thanks for replying my postings. We need to post this issue since there're 
circumstances where duplicate messages (with the same message-ids) occur:

Some users own email aliases in other servers which are forwarded to their real 
email addresses in our server. Now, a lot of senders for some reasons put the 
recipeints' email aliases in To: field and the real email address in Cc: field; 
so the receipients receive two same messages in our server. Our users currently 
want that mhonarc translate every mail in their folders regardless of same 
messages, so if they receive 10 messages, say that 2 of them are the same, they 
also want to have 10 mhonarc generated htmls, so that they will know that they 
actually receive duplicate messages and if they want, they can delete them by 
themselves (with pine or whatever).
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