Re: line 573 error

1998-01-19 16:04:52
Thanks for the point.

I forgot to add a subdirectory to /usr/bin/perl and thus, as you pointed out,
perl was pointing to the old version.  Thanks for the help.

Any suggestions on Question 2 of my original post?  Are you using mod_perl to 
the Web-based mailing list?  It seems that mhonarc always reads the entire inbox
when it translates it to HTML.

2) Can I run mhonarc and its required content and charset filter libraries using
mod_perl?  What would I have to put in the httdp.conf and/or access.conf files.



Earl Hood wrote:

I am running under Perl5 however.  Is it possible to modify that line?  Any

Are you sure you are running under Perl 5?  You may have both
versions on your system and mhonarc is using Perl 4.  Check the
#! line on the *installed* version of mhonarc and see if the
perl it points to is 4 or 5.


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