Re: line 573 error

1998-01-19 16:55:09
Any suggestions on Question 2 of my original post?  Are you using mod_perl to
the Web-based mailing list?  It seems that mhonarc always reads the entire in
when it translates it to HTML.

I do not maintain the mhonarc mailing list or its archive.
Achim (ach(_at_)mpe(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de) does.  I do know that Achim has the
archive updated as message come arrive via a Procmail recipe.
There is no HTTP interactions when updating the archive.

2) Can I run mhonarc and its required content and charset filter libraries us
mod_perl?  What would I have to put in the httdp.conf and/or access.conf file

Do not know since I have yet to use mod_perl.  However, I would be
fairly safe to say that mhonarc in its current form is not suitable
for mod_perl.  I believe problems will occur since the main mhonarc
source file is not package qualified.

I have started a rewrite of mhonarc in the attempt to make it
more OO and use Perl 5 conventions, but progress is very slow since
other tasks (that help pay the bills) have taken precedence.


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