(very) Mixed Archive, any tips

1998-01-19 18:32:47
I have one or two archives of emails which are very mixed; saved from
various M$Windows prog's, often inconsistent and some with only to, from,
date, and subject, no *id.'s*.  Not saved in Unix formats.

I succeeded in Mhonarcing a big 3000+ msg. archive today (and I'm pretty
chuffed and v. grateful to Mr Hood for his wonderful product, which has
saved me a fortune and a lot of time) and it looks g-r-e-a-t :) This was,
however, an archive in a Unixy format.

I'd be grateful of any advise on doing these old archives... as it looks
like I'll have to hand-edit some of this to make it readable.  Any tips,
suggestions, pointers to useful pages greatfully appreciated.    (Thanks
again for this product... I was insane enough to consider using M$Access
to prepare the .htm pages about a month ago.)      --- Rgds,

Darren Wyn Rees    mailto:merlin(_at_)netlink(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk      +PGP+

Ysgrifennwch yn o+l yn Nhafodiaith y Nefoedd, ebe'r Angel

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