Changing the converted message header

1998-01-20 19:27:26
        Well I think I've finally figured MHonArc out. I gotten it to produce
messages in the general format that I want. However, I want to change (or
get rid of) the converted message header that seems to be automatically
inserted after the SUBJECTHEADER resource. Looking in the documentation, is
appears like there isn't a resource associated with this area of a message.
Is there any way to change/remove this portion of the message? There a lot
a fields that most people don't need or want to see, and just confuse the
issue, as well as use up screen real estate. 

        I was going to inclose the entire header in brackets, so it would appear
to be a large, badly formatted html tag, but I would like to avoid this if
at all possible.

Thank you,
Erick Thompson

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