Re: Changing the converted message header

1998-01-22 09:05:10
      Well I think I've finally figured MHonArc out. I gotten it to produce
messages in the general format that I want. However, I want to change (or
get rid of) the converted message header that seems to be automatically
inserted after the SUBJECTHEADER resource. Looking in the documentation, is
appears like there isn't a resource associated with this area of a message.
Is there any way to change/remove this portion of the message? There a lot
a fields that most people don't need or want to see, and just confuse the
issue, as well as use up screen real estate. 

See the EXCS and FIELDORDER resources.  There are also several
other resources to control message header formatting.  For example,
to disable message headers from converted messages, do the following:


As for message data, it is controled by MIMEFILTERS.  See the
resource page for more info.


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