attachments and file permissions

1998-01-26 14:56:25
Mhonarc rules!  Great alternative to clunky hypermail.

I am working with some users who want to send attachments and then have an
admin take the attachments and re-publish them in pdf format,
neccessitating changing the attachment link in the messages to point to
the new attachment.  

My question is concerning the file permissions, in that the messages are
now owned by daemon and chmod 644, thus not allowing hand editing the link
to the pdf files they have uploaded.

Is there a way to get mhonarc to write the files with different
permissions or group for example?  Is this set with umask or can they be
changed in the .rcfile?



    Trey Donovan  -=-  tdonovan(_at_)zocalo(_dot_)net -=- Systems Administrator
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