Re: Mhonarc help

1998-01-27 11:17:01
I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm trying out MHonArc. It looks
potentially very useful. I have setup an alias for my email account,
that executes a script file which executes the command
"/usr/local/MHonArc2.1/mhonarc -mbox -add /var/spool/mail/scott  -outdir

Is the alias via sendmail?  If so, you need to start it with the pipe
character "|" (if you want archive messages as they come in).  Also,
-mbox is meaningless and deprecated.  You do not need it.

Also, any mail folders have to specified after any command-line options.

It is not wise to have mhonarc processes a mailbox spool file since
it can be modified while mhonarc is reading it (mhonarc does not lock
input files).  Either set up the aliases to pipe incoming messages
directly to mhonarc (and to the spool mailbox), or set up a cron that
moves, or copies, the spool file to a new location and have mhonarc
process it.

I recommend reading the "Archives" section of the FAQ for pointers.


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