Re: Mhonarc help

1998-01-27 13:25:56
I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm trying out MHonArc. It looks
potentially very useful. I have setup an alias for my email account,
that executes a script file which executes the command
"/usr/local/MHonArc2.1/mhonarc -mbox -add /var/spool/mail/scott  -outdir

If I comment out the email alias and send email, and then run my script,
everything works fine. If I put in the email alias, and then send email,
I can see the script running, but it keeps saying "no new messages", and
I don't see any mail or html files. Its like the message disappeared.

You have to pipe the message to MHONARC when using .forward
and then you propably should not refer to your mailbox
- when piping messages, the mailbox will not have any new messages,
which I think is what Mhonarc tries to tell you.


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