Re: breaking by week or month?

1998-02-02 14:17:03
darrellb wrote:
i know mhonarc has abuilting for breaking at day boundaries, but has
anyone got it to automatically build index pages for weekly or monthly the main page has, say

  My List Archive 1-Jan-98 -> 8-Jan-98

as a link to another pae with the relevant articles...?

(you know what i mean ;-)

If the lists you want to archive are managed by majordomo I would 
suggest to have a look at 'Wilma' before you fight with the ugly
way I do it.  Announcement appended.


From: Dave Wolfe <dwolfe(_at_)risc(_dot_)sps(_dot_)mot(_dot_)com>
Subject: Wilma (formerly Glue) released
To: majordomo-announce(_at_)GreatCircle(_dot_)COM
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 20:30:45 -0600 (CST)
Cc: majordomo-workers(_at_)GreatCircle(_dot_)COM (Majordomo developer's mailing 
        majordomo-users(_at_)GreatCircle(_dot_)COM (Majordomo user's mailing 

Announcing the release of Wilma 1.3, the Web Interface to List Mail
Archives (the package formerly known as Glue). Seems we had a naming
conflict, so we're renaming it and releasing it. If you downloaded the
Glue package, please delete it and download Wilma. My apologies for the
hassle. Wilma is the same program, but won't get either you or me in
trouble. Do *not* use or redistribute the Glue package, but you may use
Wilma in accordance with the copyright. Wilma is available at:

If you missed it the first time, here's the excerpts from the README and
CREDITS files:

                  Web Interface to List Mail Archives

Wilma is a set of Perl programs that combines (Majordomo) mail list
archives, the MHonArc mail folder HTML reformatter, and the Glimpse
search engine into a CGI interface for browsing and searching those

Wilma requires:

    Perl 5      (only tested with 5.004_03)      (part of the 5.004 distribution)   (included)
    MHonArc     (tested with v2.1.0)
    Glimpse     (tested with 3.0)


The Story:

Jason wanted to provide web-based archives for his lists. He looked
at all the offerings but found a dearth of free searchable archive
presenters. MHonArc was decidedly the best mbox -> web presenter out
there, and Glimpse a reasonable choice of indexer, but nothing combined
them. Then Jason saw Achim's page and begged him for the info on how he
did it.

Eventually what was called "tmli" emerged and archived Jason's lists
for a couple of years. tmli was poorly written, being Jason's first
Perl program. It had no documentation, though a message sent to
majordomo-users one day described it in sketchy detail.

Dave took the code and the message and turned it into something
useful. The result is Wilma. It was originally named Glue because it
is essentially a bit of glue between MHonArc, Glimpse and Majordomo's mbox files, but that was so simple it was doomed to
conflict, so after releasing Glue 1.2 we re-released it as Wilma 1.3. If
your name is Wilma, consider it a compliment.

 Dave Wolfe

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