Re: breaking by week or month?

1998-02-02 18:57:05
"AB" == Achim Bohnet <ach(_at_)mpe(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de> writes:

AB> If the lists you want to archive are managed by majordomo I would
AB> suggest to have a look at 'Wilma' before you fight with the ugly way I
AB> do it.

Thanks for the plug, Achim.  Unless Dave snuck in some code to do it
without telling me, I don't think Wilma will do the right thing with weekly
archives.  It would be quite easy to make it do so, though.  It does work
fine with monthly archives.

There really isn't any requirement for Majordomo archives; it just wants
archives in mbox format with some year-month numbering.  And of course it
wants Glimpse to do the indexing, although now that I think about it, it
would be pretty easy to have it not bother doing the search portion of the
page entirely.

 - J<

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