Re: Possible Bug: Missing messages in indices

1998-02-12 09:42:18
The mailing list is being indexed both by date and by thread, and is
being split across multiple pages (MULTIPG & IDXSIZE of 100).  

We are witnessing an indexing bug as follows:

If k messages are in the archive, messages k-1 and k-2 are missing
from both indices.  A new post bubbles the missing messages up one.

Below is my mhonarc.rc file.  Here is the URL for the "by date" index:


Note the missing messages by just checking the link names.  Messages
_are_ being processed and archived correctly, only the indices are
munged.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It appears that your .mhonarc.db file is not getting updated.  The
highest message number in the db is 889.  All message past 889 are
not be recorded in the db which causes the behavior you are getting.

I would guess that mhonarc is failing to write the .mhonarc.db file
when you are adding messages.  You did not state how mhonarc is being
invoked, but a warning message should be generated if mhonarc is unable
to write the db.  You may want to check the timestamp and permissions
on .mhonarc.db to see if things look okay.  The timestamp should be the
same time as the newest written files in the archive.


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