Possible Bug: Missing messages in indices

1998-02-11 21:36:23
I administrate a mailing list archived with Mhonarc (v2.1.0, my build,
Solaris 2.5.1).  

The mailing list is being indexed both by date and by thread, and is
being split across multiple pages (MULTIPG & IDXSIZE of 100).  

We are witnessing an indexing bug as follows:

If k messages are in the archive, messages k-1 and k-2 are missing
from both indices.  A new post bubbles the missing messages up one.

Below is my mhonarc.rc file.  Here is the URL for the "by date" index:


Note the missing messages by just checking the link names.  Messages
_are_ being processed and archived correctly, only the indices are
munged.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have checked the mailing list archive back 6 months and see no
reference to this problem.  Searches of the Mhonarc list have not
revealed anything of note.  Perl v.5.004_04 (my build) is being used.


Joe Kiniry
Joseph R. Kiniry       A1 F9 C5 8C B3 43 54 20 FA 20 63 80 53 C3 6D 85
California Institute of Technology           ID 78860581   ICQ 4344804

Attachment: mhonarc.rc
Description: Mhonarc rc file for Dist-Obj mailing list

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